Hotel website in South Goa

design / web

Website includes the full room booking system. The system allows users easily to browse available rooms. In the middle of booking process, user can also change the parameter or re-choose the room smoothly with ajax feature so no page refreshing! It is possible to create coupon code for customers, to set the coupon code, coupon amount, coupon expiration date, discount type as percentage or specific credit amount.

Ability to set mandatory for additional service (ex. for cleaning service).

Ability to block each room on specific date.

Sepcial discount for consecutive nights booking.

Ability to sync booking with other service such as Air BnB, VRBO, HomeAway.

The colors and font of the site are chosen by the customer. At the moment, the site is on the domain, as waiting for additional content. Users can choose what amount and for whitch project they want to donate, or simply distribute the amount for all projects at once. Implemented a convenient calendar of events and a store of goods. Attention! The site is temporarily located on a technical domain, because of this, your browser may display a message about possible danger for the computer. But there are no viruses on the site!

A similar site will cost 750 euros.

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