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Website development and website promotion at "Non-Agency price"

Web-master, internet promoter & SEO specialist from Russia


A small introduction about myself

Sofiya Mironova

Internet marketeer, seo-specialist and web-master.

If you need a quality, not expensive website, if you are interested to increase sales through the internet. Or you want an individual approach and for you it's not a problem to communicate online, you are in the right site!

I am a webmaster and seo-specialist from Russia, who moved to Belgium. Now I am targeting the European market.

The advantages of ordering a website from me:

  • Easy to use! You don't need to know css or html to add or to change information on your website. It's easier than working with Microsoft Word.
  • Mobile versions. All my websites have an adaptive design for tablets and smartphones.
  • Video instruction. You will receive a detailed video from me with instructions "how to work with your website".
  • Safety. I make backups of websites of my clients everyday and keep them for a week.
  • CMS. I make my websites on the most common website management systems in the world. So, if 1 day a brick will fall on my head, and you would need to modify your website, you will easily find someone who can do it for you.
  • SEO (Search engine optimization) - This is my specialisation, as my career started with SEO long before webdesign. Your site will be very friendly to search engines, which means you have a great chance to be in the Top of Google results. Bonus - I will teach you how to write smart texts and how to promote your website, to get higher positions in the search results and received more targeted visitors.
  • Cost. I can offer very attractive prices. I don't have an office so I don't need to pay for it. All work is done by myself and in rare cases with the help of Russian freelancers. Each project is different, but 90% of the sites I am ready to do for 550 Euro. Online store - 700 Euro. In my portfolio You will find information about the cost of my sites.

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Main Design Programs

Website development

CMS: WordPress, OpenCart, Drupal

Internet marketing

SEO, google adwords, facebook

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Facts in numbers

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How I work?

6 steps to your website

1st step

5 minutes

Contact me


Contact me! It would be great if you could tell me briefly about Your company and about the goals you want to reach with your website. Do you have a logo or other elements of your company style? If you don't have it yet, no problem, I will help you!

2nd step

1-2 days

Get feedback


After not more then 2 working days I will send you 3-4 options for your website design and website structure. For each option I will give you a cost calculation and production time estimation.

3d step

0,5 days - 2 days

Administrative part / Paperwork


If you like one of the designs, its structure and price, we can sign a contract and you do a prepayment of 50% of the site cost. Right after that, I start to work.

4th step

3-15 days

Technical work

Website development

I agree with you and buy your chosen domain name, install the hosting CMS, customize the design of the site and install the necessary modules, counters and plugins. At this time, you can focus on writing texts for the website and on the selection of illustrations or photos. As I promised earlier - I will tell you in details how to write a text to get a high position in Google.

6TH step

7 days

Final stage

Getting the site

I give you all the keys to access the site: admin panel, ftp, data base. With the instructions you can try to add/change the content of the site yourself, ask questions and we make last changes. Only after that you pay the last 50% of the cost of the site.

My goal is to make you a very easy-to-use website and to make you independent of me in managing it, but I will not disappear after payment, I am always available for your questions.

Contact me

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Contact information

  • +7 (921) 641-02-46
  • alexonya@mail.ru
  • sofiya_krasnitskaya
  • Tienen Belgium

With pleasure I will answer all your questions.


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